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Progressive Insurance (only available in the printed journal)

IJME vol 1 issue 1


Author(s): Paul W. Farris, Philip E. Pfeifer and Cheryl Wilson

The case presents a brief history of Progressive Insurance Company. Progressive is an auto insurance company that is undergoing major strategic change. The case asks students to evaluate the recent changes in strategy. The company has announced ambitious growth goals, a shift from non-standard (high-risk) to standard (lower-risk) customers, a renewed dedication to providing customer value through innovation, plans to strengthen their brand equity, and expansion of distribution channels from agents to in-bound telemarketing and the Internet. Progressive innovations in customer service include Emergency Response Vehicles that serve customers at the site of an accident, improved damage estimating software that allows checks for damages to be written almost immediately, and price comparisons with other auto insurance companies. Each of the initiatives affords an opportunity to consider why it was undertaken and what it takes to make it successful.