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The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment

The recent rise in the prevalence of freelancers, independent contractors and the self-employed in the workforce, alongside their increased involvement in innovation, entrepreneurship and flexible working practices in firms, manifests a major change in business performance and labour market practice. As a result, freelancers have evolved to play a far more important, dynamic and diverse role in business and economic performance than at any stage in their history. The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment is a single source book providing researchers, practitioners, managers, policymakers and students with key research on freelancing and self-employment by the leading scholars in the field across business studies, law and economics. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest thinking on freelancing, as well as serving as a platform of knowledge to enable more research on the area. Edited by Professor Andrew Burke (Dean & Chair of Business Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

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The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment
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