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About Senate Hall


Senate Hall is a wholly independent producer of specialized academic management books and journals for use in university business schools and the corporate sector worldwide. Each of our journals is compiled totally autonomous of each other, as is their individual remit or editorial aims and scope.

 Our commitment to our subscribers is to the publish top-line cutting-edge material to the highest academically recognized international standards. To this end, we use the preferred journal format in order to facilitate a user-friendly method for the dissemination of individual lectures, survey articles and case studies.

All our publications are initially chosen on their perceived merits and contribution worth. They are then comprehensively vetted and peer reviewed by our editorial team of professors, who in the main are affiliated to the world's top universities and business schools.

Every journal is published in hard copy and digitally online. Any journal's articles can be purchsed individually and downloaded online. Current books can be purchased online and will be available for download in the near future.

Senate Hall's approach enables teaching and research professors to draw from a high-end portfolio of dedicated learning content which adds soundly-based academic quality to the objectives of their specific course or research.

Our journals focus on core management disciplines which we believe are important in the advancement of best business practice globally, and which can be referenced by executives, business leaders and policy makers to keep up to date with implementable innovations, developments and new thinking in management today.

We are always improving our commitment to academic publishing and in establishing our journals and specialist books throughout a concentrated range of subject areas in, management generally, economics, entrepreneurship and strategy. Our journals, books and data library on these subjects can be utilized by lecturers and professors in order to design their own customized textbooks which can be edited and published by Senate Hall on demand.

"Education has for its object the the formation of character."  - J. Stuart Mill