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Our new journal the International Review of Management (IRM) went online during 2012. We wish to thank the IRM's Editors, Robert Austin (Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick at Fredericton) and Daniel Hjorth (Copenhagen Business School), for their diligence in bringing the IRM to fruition


Management & Organizations - Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management - Employment Relations - Business Information Management- General & Strategic Management - Transport & Logistics - Economics - Marketing - International Business - Design Management - Leadership - Accounting and Management - Technology and Information Management - Business Theory & Ethics- Negotiation and Organization Markets - Business, Government and International Economy - Computer Management - Public Relations Management - Event Management - Finance - Accounting & Management - Entrepreneurial Management - General Management - Executive Management - Industrial Management - Manufacturing Management - Statistics - Corporate Governance


An IRM sample paper will be posted here soon


Initial Papers Listed Below

ISSN: 2009-2830

Please Note - the IRM has been discontinued. Published papers are still avaiable for purchase on-line or by contacting us at:

IRM Vol 1: 2012

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Super-Management: An Examination of Organizational Images and Management Themes in Comic Books
Author(s): Jeremy C. Short (University of Oklahoma, USA) and G. Tyge Payne (Texas Tech University, USA)

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Complex and Emotionally Risky A Study of the Dynamic Challenges in the Artistic Profession and Leadership in Arts Organisations
Author(s): Grete Wennes, Trondheim Business School, Norway

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Distributed Medical AB: The Future of Medical Information Technology
Author(s): Stephanie C. Schleimer (Griffith University, Australia, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)