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Teaching Note - Tesla: Accelerating to Market

JSME Vol 15: 2019, Pages 15-30

Author(s): Matthew Fisher (San Francisco State University, USA) and Mary Beth McCabe (National University, San Diego, USA)

This is a case study centering on the launch of the Tesla Model 3. The case challenges students to reconsider notions of a first mover advantage in favor of intersecting the pace of market growth and pace of technology evolution to predict competitive advantage. Hero worship is a secondary theme that challenges Elon Musk as a visionary and business hero with evidence of strategic missteps and financial vulnerabilities. The case teaches students to take a holistic approach to strategy formulation amidst organizational constraints. The case centers on a high profile company that benefits from associations with technology and innovation, yet is constrained by operational and management deficiencies. Additionally, the case provides sales data tables of U.S. alternative powertrain auto industry sales, U.S. semi truck sales, and Tesla production figures to drive student analysis.