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The Generationally Relevant Case Method: An Alternative Approach to Case-Based Undergraduate Level Management Instruction

JSME Vol 14: 2018 (+ more to follow)

Author(s): Robert L. Bonner (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA), Andrea R. Neely (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA), Anthony D. Neely (Independent), Sarah Mittal (Texas State University, San Marcos, USA)

Case studies require students to extend course content beyond theory into the realm of application. Despite popular use of case studies, recent criticisms bring to light their failure to sometimes engage students, spark excitement, incite deeper inquiry, and truly embrace the dubiety of management decisions due to their outdated nature. We propose the use of shorter cases utilizing popular press articles (i.e., real-time business issues) to stimulate more meaningful relevance and engagement, as such cases are relevant to not only the prevailing business environment but also the emerging topics that currently interest undergraduate students. A framework for integration is also provided.

Keywords: case method, case study, innovative teaching, management education