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International Journal of Information Technology Education

Aims & Scope

The mission of the International Journal of Information Technology Education (IJITE) is to enhance Information Technology education worldwide through the publication of high quality refereed case studies, lecture and review articles. The journal aims to be a recognized medium for IT educators to publish and access teaching materials. The goal is to attract contributions from individuals within the profession who excel in the creation and teaching of IT lectures and who have developed exceptional teaching material and new approaches in the field.

The IJITE seeks to cover a wider range of subject areas within the field than conventional textbooks and will provide an innovative and diverse range of high quality teaching materials. In so doing, educators will have a new resource, which provides more flexibility and choice than the more rigid structure of textbooks. Furthermore, by also focusing on more general topics that are still relevant to the IT field and cover individual areas of IT related fields, non-IT students can also gain a sound knowledge of this area.

The IJITE seeks to publish:

Case studies relating to Information Technology (broadly defined) which are of sufficiently high merit with respect to content and application that they would qualify for use in classrooms and other learning environments of internationally acclaimed higher education institutions (and especially in leading international business schools).

Lecture Articles on any aspect of Information Technology. One publication objective emphasizes user-friendliness and therefore, submitted papers are not exclusively restricted to original subject matter. A new way of explaining a concept and/or application would be acceptable for publication. This section of the IJITE seeks to provide professors and IT educators from all fields with a more flexible repertoire of course content options; higher standards for lecture material than those frequently met by textbooks; and a vehicle for encouraging the rapid dissemination of research and groundbreaking thought in the field of Information Technology. Therefore, the IJITE hopes to encourage a new practice where each time a researcher has a significant Information Technology-related article (or series of articles) accepted by a research journal, he or she will also convert that same research into an appropriate lecture-based article suitable for publication in the IJITE.

Review Articles which are carefully written on critical subjects and identify the most relevant bibliography, including overviews of courses and summary articles of relevant books published in the field.

Business Analysis which deals with the corporate sector and provides value to IT educators and students and also business executives. Topics for papers include executive education and real life experience essays by outstanding senior executives from around the world. By focusing on more wider and general topics relating to Information Technology and its role in the global business environment, non-IT students will also be able to gain some knowledge of the field through relevant business cases.