Senate Hall Academic Publishing

Aims & Scope

The aim of IJCLE is to enhance criminal law education worldwide
through the publication of high quality refereed criminal law teaching materials. The goal is to attract contributions
from individuals within the profession on an international level who excel in the exposition and teaching of criminal
law and who have developed exceptional teaching material and new approaches in the field. The following classification
of papers is being solicited to cover a wide variety of subject areas within criminal law from an international

The IJCLE seeks to publish:

The IJCLE seeks to publish high quality lectures, case studies, and teaching strategies on criminal law and to apply the refereed research journal format to teaching in order to promote the publication of lecture materials of international
standard on various aspects of criminal law, such as criminal law reform, the law of evidence, procedure, and case law including international developments in public law relating to criminal law reform, jurisprudence, criminology, gender
and racial issues, crime prevention, crime investigation, criminal procedure and the penal system.

Case Studies relating to criminal law (broadly defined), which would qualify for
use in classrooms and other learning environments of internationally recognized higher education institutions. Case studies should have clear pedagogical objectives illustrating important and difficult issues supported by proper and relevant research. Teaching notes should be included. Case studies should ideally be current i.e. within the last 2 years, although those illustrating key issues in criminal law can extend through the last 2 decades.

Lecture Articles on criminal law that vary from review articles or textbook chapters to short notes on a particular topic. The publication objectives include achieving clarity of expression and elucidation of concepts. Submitted papers need not be exclusively restricted to original subject matter. A new way of explaining a concept and/or application would be acceptable for publication. However lecture papers should not be research papers in the traditional sense, but should be aimed at an intelligent undergraduate or graduate audience.

Advances in Criminal Law / Research topics. Authors are encouraged to disseminate research in a form understandable to degree candidates at the leading law schools. The IJCLE seeks papers which summarize new or neglected research in a form which could readily be utilized in teaching environments.

Surveys which are carefully written on critical subjects and identify the most
relevant bibliography, including reviews (in review article format) with critiques of relevant books published in the field.